Car Accident Serious Injury

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Featured, Firm News, Personal Injury

In June of 2018 a client of the firm was seriously injured in a car accident.  The accident was caused when a car made a sudden turn right in front of our client.  The client was transported to Albany Medical Center where he underwent surgery to repair a fractured hip.  We immediately took the necessary steps to insure our client’s medical bills would be paid by No-Fault insurance.  We also immediately filed the proper paperwork to be sure the client received lost wages while he was recovering.  We investigated the accident which included obtaining important eyewitness statements and we photographed the accident scene and the two involved vehicles.  Within a few days we had secured the necessary evidence to build a strong case against the careless driver.  Within one year of the accident we were able to recover $325,000 for our client.  Thankfully our client was able to recover and return to work.