What are some signs of road rage in others?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Firm News

While you may know to avoid dangerous potholes or other problems, noticing road rage can sometimes be more difficult.

Knowing the signs of anger and frustration that lead people to break traffic laws and follow after other cars on the road is important for anyone.

Shouts and honks

According to NBC News, if you encounter someone attempting to catch your attention by repeatedly honking or beeping his or her horn at you, it can be a warning sign of road rage. These rude gestures indicate feelings of intense frustration from another driver.

Although this may seem harmless but annoying, the situation can eventually escalate into tailgating or exiting the vehicle to physically fight. The driver may even attempt to run you off the road.

Close following distance

Not leaving a proper following distance between yourself and other people on the road is dangerous. When a person drives over curbs or runs a red light in order to catch up to someone else, then it can become deadly.

If you notice a driver close behind you for a long period of time, take note of how they appear. Some people may make intensely frustrated faces or even flash their lights at you as they drive in order to show their irritation.

Rapid lane changes

Swerving in and out of lanes, especially on the highway, can cause a serious accident. If someone is driving recklessly due to anger, you may notice him or her dodging other cars or unsafely turning into or out of another place.

Keeping your cool while in traffic may help to minimize this worry, as well as knowing the signs of a road rage problem before it happens.