What will influence spinal cord injury improvement?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

An accident can cause permanently disabling injuries. Spinal cord injuries are an example many people are familiar with. You probably associate an SCI with permanent paralysis that does not improve. However, some SCI patients actually do recover some of their lost motor function and feeling in their bodies.

The degree to which you can recover after suffering an SCI will depend on a number of factors. The MSKTC website explains the kinds of gains an SCI patient might make in recovering muscle function.

Incomplete or complete SCI

The kind of injury you sustain to your spinal cord will be a major factor in your prospects for improvement. A complete injury means a full interruption of spinal cord activity below the affected area, whereas an incomplete injury only interrupts part of the activity. So if you have an incomplete SCI, you have a better chance to regain lost muscle movement.

The severity of your injury

Even if you suffer an injury, it is possible for the severity of the injury to lessen thanks to treatment immediately following the injury. For instance, you may have an SCI classified as a Grade C injury. This means most of your muscles lack the strength to move against gravity. But if doctors upgrade your injury to Grade D, it means at least half of your key muscles can now move against gravity.

Gains in muscle movement

Your recovery team will likely try to rebuild your muscle movements in your affected limbs. This will be an important development. If you experience increases in your muscle movement or feeling in your limbs, you have a better chance that you will regain more muscle control as time goes on. However, if time keeps passing without seeing any gains in moving your muscles, the odds of making substantial progress will diminish.

Even if your body does not improve, you still have the chance of gaining more independence thanks to mechanical aids supplied by your recovery team. If your injury happened because of someone else’s negligence, these treatments and therapies will likely factor into any damages you pursue.