How can a skull fracture harm you?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Firm News

When dealing with a blow to the head, it is possible to suffer from many negative effects. The type and severity of the injury you face will often depend on several factors like the location of the blow and the force behind it.

Some blows to the head can actually strike hard enough to crack the skull, too. These fractures can cause major problems for your physical health and well-being, creating a domino effect that can change your whole life.

Intracranial hemorrhages and visible bruising

According to Merck Manual, skull fractures pose a serious danger to anyone suffering from them. For example, a skull fracture can lead to intracranial hemorrhaging. Blood in the brain can create neurological problems, along with collecting in the hollow areas of the skull like the eye sockets and behind the ears.

Fractures can also puncture areas that contain cerebrospinal fluid, which you need in order to maintain important functions of the body and brain. It may leak through the nose or ears as a clear or nearly-clear fluid.

Swelling of the brain

On top of that, if the blow had enough strength to fracture your skull, chances are high it also caused the bruising of the brain itself. This often occurs when the soft brain hits the hard interior of the skull, leading to the possibility of blood clots or swelling. If the brain swells too much, you can lose blood supply to certain areas. Oxygen deprivation will lead to cell death, which can end in permanent brain damage.

Thus, like any other head injury, skull fractures should receive immediate medical care. A doctor’s professional advice can help you avoid permanent damage.