How do you take pictures of a car accident scene?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Firm News

You likely already know the importance of taking pictures of a car accident, but do you know all the images you should snap? The evidence images show could help build your personal injury case.

Forbes offers tips for taking useful images after an auto accident. Understand how to “tell the story” of your accident to support your legal claim.

Sense of scale

As you take pictures of scrapes, dents and dings, think of ways to give a sense of scale. For instance, hold up a handy object such as a key or coin. Something that looks large or small in a picture could turn out to be smaller or larger in reality.

It could also help to take images from various distances. If possible to do so without risking oncoming traffic, position yourself at least 10 feet away from your vehicle and other objects that sustained damage in the incident before taking pictures. Then, take a few more pictures as you step closer to your vehicle.

Getting multiple angles

Takes images of the damaged vehicles sustained in the collision from several angles. Snap images from all four corners of the vehicles involved. You should also take pictures of fluids leaking from the vehicles.

Capture the surroundings

Because you do not have all the facts on what caused the wreck, take images of the area surrounding the accident site. That means capturing the street, traffic signs, the weather, street signals and marks the vehicles left on or in the road or dirt.

Document the interior

Once you finish taking exterior images, take a few inside your vehicle. Focus on shattered glass, deployed airbags and other interior debris.

The right pictures could help you secure legal damages after a car accident. Take steps to prove your case.