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Dog bites may lead to life-threatening infections

Dog owners have a duty to contain and control their pets and keep them from harming others. When they fail to do so and the animal bites you, the repercussions may prove tragic. In some cases, dog bites may lead to a condition known as Capnocytophaga, which is a serious

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What is the pedestrian duty of care?

Car accidents between pedestrians and motor vehicles are always traumatic and can sometimes be deadly. When they occur, there is often a lot of finger-pointing regarding who is at fault.  Both the driver of an automobile and a pedestrian have “duty of care” when they are out. The duty of care

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The unseen impact of dog bite attacks

There are many dogs and dog owners in New York. Unfortunately, most dog bite attacks happen between a person and a dog they are familiar with. This goes against the assumption that dog attacks come from random, vicious strays.  What do you do when bitten? How do you cope with

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Familiarize yourself with New York distracted driving laws

Distracted driving, including smartphone use behind the wheel, causes a disproportionate number of serious auto accidents across the United States. In response, many states, including New York, have implemented or strengthened laws about texting and driving.  Before your next outing, review the state laws for distracted driving to avoid severe penalties and dangerous

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Car Accident

If you are in a car accident one of the things you are legally required to do is file a form with the Department of Motor Vehicles called an accident report.

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5 steps to take after a car crash

Most car wrecks occur unexpectedly, and in the immediate aftermath, you may be most concerned with assessing any injuries you or your passengers suffered during the incident. You would be remiss, however, not to take certain steps immediately following a car crash, because failing to do so may lead to

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Protect Your Children

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuires or death to children.  The scientific evidence is beyond dispute.  Seat belts save people from injuries, which are sometimes fatal.  Beginning on November 1, 2019 all motorists who have in infant two years old or younger in their car

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Car Accident Serious Injury

In June of 2018 a client of the firm was seriously injured in a car accident.  The accident was caused when a car made a sudden turn right in front of our client.  The client was transported to Albany Medical Center where he underwent surgery to repair a fractured hip. 

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Dog Bite Case

There is an old saying: “Every dog is entitled to one bite.”  At one point in time this legal tenant was accurate.  It stood for the proposition that the owner of a dog must have notice that his canine was likely to attack other people before he could be held

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