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TBI: the invisible catastrophic injury

Wet roads, construction zones and poor visibility along New York highways and secondary roads often cause collisions that result in catastrophic injuries, such as TBI. If a loved one experienced personality changes or difficulty getting back to their daily lives even months after the accident, a brain injury could be the cause.

According to the State of New York Department of Health, traumatic brain injuries occur when an external strike or impact injures the skull or brain. More than 112,000 emergency room visits and 19,000 hospitalizations occur among residents each year, with motor vehicle crashes one of the most common causes.

Known as the invisible disability

A shaved head sporting stitches or gauze bandages are among the physical indications that a loved one suffered head trauma. However, after the wound heals and the hair grows back, visible signs disappear. Unlike broken bones, bruises and cuts, the brain cannot always heal itself. Even if they look fine, your loved one may suffer the effects of the injury for years after a car accident.

Common TBI symptoms

Without a visible sign of disability, people may see the symptoms of TBI as a poor personality rather than the result of an injury. Some of the most common symptoms that you may miss as TBI include the following:

  • Cognitive changes – Your loved one may have difficulty concentrating, learning new tasks or suddenly exhibit socially inappropriate behavior. Short-term memory loss, slow response times or inability to concentrate or make decisions can also point to a brain injury.
  • Emotional changes – Depression, difficulty sleeping, becoming angry or crying easily and often may signal a loved one suffers from TBI.
  • Physical changes – Blurred vision, frequent or debilitating headaches, ringing in the ears and balance disorders can indicate TBI.

Most individuals with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury recover within three to six months. Severe trauma can require long-term medical care, physical and occupational therapy. If your loved one can no longer work or must rely on others for day-to-day activities, a car accident settlement can help recover damages and pay for these expenses.


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