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Who is liable for the injuries caused by a dangerous dog?

New York State laws hold owners of dangerous dogs liable for any harm or damage caused by their pets, including bites, attacks and knockdowns. To classify a dog as “dangerous,” however, requires an owner’s prior knowledge of his or her canine’s tendency to cause injury. 

If an unprovoked dog previously attacked another animal, livestock or human being, it classifies as dangerous. Once a pet receives this designation, its owner owes a duty of care to stop any future bites and attacks. A breach of duty may hold the owner both civilly and criminally liable for a dog’s subsequent attack. 

What steps must an owner take to ensure a pet does not attack again?

When an owner has an awareness of a pet’s habit of acting aggressively, he or she must take steps to prevent the canine from posing a threat to other animals and humans. For example, while taking a dangerous dog for a walk, an owner must ensure the dog remains on a leash and wears a muzzle. 

How do I know if my injuries qualify for compensation?

According to MoneyWise, Empire State dog owners incur the highest average payment amounts through insurance claims than any other state in the nation. An injury that results in medical attention may, however, require you to pursue a civil action against the owner’s dog. 

Medical bills from an emergency room, a physician’s treatment, surgery and rehabilitation help prove the extent of the dog’s harm. You may also seek relief for the time off from work that you needed to recover and for your pain and suffering. 


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