Looking at the real cost of a car crash

After a serious auto accident, the insurance company will offer the injured party a settlement for medical bills, property damage and other expenses. Unfortunately, this offer rarely covers the full extent of costs that arise from this type of debilitating injury. 

Families affected by a motor vehicle accident should understand the available damages in New York when a third party caused the crash. 

Medical bills

These expenses include emergency transportation after the accident, hospitalization costs, treatments, medications and surgeries. Some types of injuries may require ongoing physical or occupational therapy, while other people may experience mental health issues as a result of the accident trauma. Medical devices such as wheelchairs also fall into this category. 

Lost wages

When a family member is out of work because of an auto accident injury, bills may begin to pile up and the family can even risk losing their home. The injured person may be eligible for financial damages that cover current and future lost wages associated with the accident. When the person can no longer do the type of job he or she used to do, coverage for employment training may be available. 

Pain and suffering

Many catastrophic accident injuries result in chronic pain that can be difficult to manage. While it can be difficult to quantify pain and suffering, New York allows courts to award unlimited damages in this category. 

When an insurance settlement does not fully cover these expenses, the injured person may have a valid personal injury lawsuit. In New York, he or she must bring this type of legal claim within three years of the accident. 


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