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At Bailey, Johnson & Peck, P.C., we are well-versed in all areas of insurance coverage. Our experienced group of attorneys has provided top-notch insurance defense litigation for more than 40 years, providing insurance coverage opinions to insurers, reinsurers, third-party administrators, businesses, and municipalities.

With offices in Albany, our insurance defense lawyers represent clients throughout the Capital District of New York State, including Troy and Schenectady. To schedule a free consultation with our law firm, call 518-456-0082 today.

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What is Insurance Defense?

Insurance defense is the litigation of issues relating to insurance carriers and people who receive insurance benefits.

Many people don’t realize it, but the insurance industry overlaps quite a bit with various legal issues. That’s because we all use insurance policies to protect ourselves from property damage, injury, illness, and death. Many lawyers and law firms defend people who suffer property damage, injury, illness, and death. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer often has to communicate with an insurance company about a client’s accident.

For example, most of us have auto insurance to protect our cars if we ever get into a car accident. Many of us also have home insurance just in case a tree falls on our home during a storm. Lastly, many of us have some kind of health insurance to help us pay for health care.

What Does an Insurance Defense Attorney Do?

An insurance defense lawyer basically handles all things insurance law. An insurance company or an insured person will most commonly hire an insurance defense lawyer when they are facing legal action for something in the insurance policy. Additionally, insurance defense attorneys may work for a law firm or they may work as in-house counsel for insurance agencies.

When you hire us for insurance defense litigation, we will:

  • Protect Insurance Policyholders: If a policyholder is facing legal action for something in the insurance claim, an insurance defense lawyer can represent them and defend them in court, if necessary.
  • Figure Out if an Insurance Company Must Pay a Claim: local laws and insurance claims are incredibly complex and often intersect. Because of this, it can be incredibly difficult to determine who needs to pay what. For example, if an insurance company accuses an insured customer of wrongfully denying a claim, an NY insurance defense attorney will carefully read through the fine print and the state law in order to determine the claim’s validity.
  • Ensuring That Insurance Companies Follow The Rules: A large part of insurance defense law is ensuring that everyone follows the rules and regulations in place. So an insurance defense lawyer can certainly keep both parties in line: the policyholder and the insurer.

For example, let’s say that someone causes a major car accident that resulted in extensive car damage and catastrophic injuries. This injured person may seek compensation through the at-fault party’s insurance company. If the liable party’s insurance company low-balled the injured party or refused to offer compensation for their damages entirely, the injured party could take the legal issue to court in order to get the compensation they deserve for their accident. That’s when an insurance defense attorney often comes into the picture. They could provide effective representation for either party in the dispute by carefully reviewing the insurance policy in question and fighting for their client’s best interests.

This is just one common example of what an insurance coverage attorney does on a day-to-day basis. The legal team at Bailey, Johnson & Peck has extensive experience in handling all sorts of insurance defense matters.

Common Types of Insurance Claims We Handle

An NY insurance defense attorney at Bailey, Johnson & Peck has substantial experience in handling the insurance defense matters listed below.

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