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Private businesses and insurance companies rely on the attorneys at Bailey, Johnson & Peck, P.C. to provide the legal guidance and representation needed to minimize exposure to product liability claims. Drawing from decades of combined experience in these matters, we defend manufacturers, distributors and retailers of component parts and finished products in the challenging area of product liability litigation.

For a consultation regarding your product liability concerns, call us in Albany at 518-456-0082 or complete our contact form. Our firm represents clients throughout the Capital District of New York State.

Our Approach

We have the legal sophistication and professionalism to defend any aspect of these cases, including allegations of defective design, defective manufacturing, warning deficiencies, and breach of implied and express warranties. To provide a strong and cost-effective defense, we develop an in-depth understanding of the technical particulars of our clients’ products, as well as our clients’ markets and processes. This helps our clients understand and limit their exposure before litigation ensues, and before we defend them in what are often very complex and technical cases.

The attorneys at Bailey, Johnson & Peck, P.C. have a long-standing record of representing a wide range of clients in complex product liability matters. For example, we have defended numerous motor vehicle dealers in cases pertaining to components such as seatbelts, airbags, brakes, doors and tires, as well as mechanical and electrical design and manufacturing issues.

We also have handled litigation involving manufacturing machinery, agricultural and farm equipment, recreational vehicles, ATVs, recreational watercraft, forklifts, propane and gas systems, fire suppression equipment, commercial plumbing equipment, asbestos and other chemical exposure, personal protective equipment such as helmets and facial protection, as well as children’s and infants’ products and a plethora of other consumer goods. Our attorneys have practical, real-world experience that helps our clients in a broad spectrum of industries.

In product liability matters, defending the case is not our only concern. Our full-service law firm can also help ensure that all of the available insurance coverage is secured and that every option for potential indemnification is pursued.

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