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New York is known for its fast-paced lifestyle. It’s one of the busiest states to live in. Having a career that does not wait for New York traffic can make a bicycle a highly reliable source of transportation. Having a fast, reliable source of transportation, such as a bicycle, is helpful for individuals wishing to accomplish more in the New York area. However, when a car makes a wrong left turn or crashes into a bicycle, or when unmanaged land causes a bike crash, the results and financial recovery can be challenging to overcome, especially when an individual sustains a personal injury.

A New York bicycle accident attorney at Bailey, Johnson & Peck can discuss the accident scene and how the accident occurred during your free consultation. Our compassionate bicycle accident lawyers know the difficulties one faces when involved in a bicycle accident case. Our personal injury law firm is ready to begin an attorney-client relationship and protect your rights. Call a New York bicycle accident attorney today at 518-456-0082.

New York Bicycle Accident Attorney

How a New York Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you were involved in a bicycle accident and sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. However, those injured in bike accidents face a unique set of legal challenges under New York law. If you wish to pursue a bicycle accident lawsuit, you’ll need an experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer with specific knowledge concerning the rights of bicyclists in New York.

The attorneys at Bailey, Johnson, & Peck, located in Albany, New York, know how to help. Our firm has handled many catastrophic bike accident lawsuits and is dedicated to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve through injury claims.

After being injured in a bicycle accident, there are multiple ways in which an experienced personal injury lawyer could benefit you.

Establish Fault and Prove Liability

The New York bicycle accident attorneys at Bailey, Johnson, & Peck, PC will work tirelessly to prove that your injuries stemmed from a third party’s negligence.

In bicycle accident claims, our justice system determines fault based on the concept of negligence. Everyone who shares the streets of New York – cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians – owes a duty of care to the other travelers.

When someone breaches this duty, this constitutes negligence. Those who act negligently can be held responsible for the damages to the injured party.

A reckless driver or a hazardous road condition can cause a variety of problems, especially for New York cyclists who are training for events, commuting to work, or just enjoying a leisurely bike ride from time to time. So, if a vehicle, pedestrian, or even another bicyclist acts negligently and forces you to suffer an injury, you deserve to receive compensation for that injury.

Our attorneys will work with you to review the facts of your personal injury case. We will use the evidence to establish fault in your bicycle accident case. We’ll look into speed limits, weather conditions, driver safety, and other factors when proving negligence for your case.

Calculate How Much Your Bicycle Accident Claim is Worth

Personal injury recovery is the amount of money awarded to an injured victim in order to compensate for their suffering. This compensation can vary depending on your accident’s unique circumstances.

Accident victims who suffered bike crash injuries need a top-notch personal injury law firm for the best possible outcome.

Many bicycle accident injury cases result in medical expense compensation. This can cover the costs of your treatments, medical care, hospital stay, doctor’s office visits, physical therapy, medications, etc.

Any head injuries (such as a traumatic brain injury) or long-term injuries are important factors to consider when calculating the total worth of a bicycle accident claim. For New York injured cyclists involved in car accidents, the cost of medical expenses alone can be considerably high, not to mention the cost of property damages. Working with an experienced bicycle accident attorney will improve your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Bicycle Accident Damages

One of the most pressing concerns with New York bicycle accidents for injured victims is who will pay for the medical bills that are sure to follow.

Under New York law, no-fault insurance policies should cover the cyclist’s medical bills, regardless of who was at fault. However, in cases where the cyclist sustains a catastrophic injury, insurance providers simply don’t pay out enough. So, in cases where the victim sustains severe injuries, the state allows bicycle accident victims to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver.

In general, New York considers injuries as serious if they result in fracture, disfigurement, loss of limb, loss of use of body organs, or wrongful death. So, in these instances, the injured victim can pursue a bicycle accident claim for both economic damages and non-economic damages related to the accident.

Economic damages for bicycle accidents can include all past and future medical expenses related to the bicycle accident injuries, property damage, past and future lost earnings, as well as any other out-of-pocket expenses that the victim suffered due to their bicycle accident.

Non-economic damages associated with bicycle accident cases include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of society or spouse, and permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Because non-economic damages are almost impossible to calculate, they serve more as a multiplier for the economic damages awarded in bike accident claims.

What are the New York Statute of Limitations for Bicycle Accident Claims?

In New York, those involved in a bicycle accident must file a bicycle accident claim within a certain amount of time. The New York statute of limitations for bicycle accident claims is three years from the date the accident took place. 

If you have questions regarding your bicycle accident claims or you need a New York bicycle accident lawyer, call the Bailey, Johnson & Peck law office today. Our goal is to present strong evidence in your injury claim so that you and your loved ones can recover fair compensation.

New York Bicycle Accident Attorney

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in New York

There are many causes of bicycle accidents in New York, including:

If you or someone you love in the New York area has sustained car accident or bicycle accident injuries, call Albany personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation. Having a severe injury related to a bicycle accident can lead to many unforeseeable issues.

You can rest knowing your case is in good hands when you have an experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer. Our attorneys will work with you and the insurance company to help you recover damages from your injuries.

Biking Safety Tips

New York cyclists must make their safety a priority in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

The first and most obvious way to prevent injuries from a bike accident is to wear a helmet at all times. If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, wearing a helmet can help you avoid sustaining head injuries. And, for those who do wear helmets and sustain injuries, the severity of the injuries could be significantly decreased.

Other recommendations include keeping a close eye on your surroundings, wearing bright colors to be fully seen at any time, and staying within the designated bicycle lanes. Call the attorneys at Bailey, Johnson, & Peck today if you have questions regarding bike crashes caused by negligent driving.

Common Types of Bicycle Injuries

Common bicycle injuries can range in severity depending on the accident itself and the factors surrounding the injuries sustained. For instance, while one bicycle crash can cause serious injuries to a person requiring medical attention, most other bike accidents will only result in scratched elbows or knees.

A few examples of serious injuries from major bike accidents include a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, severed limbs, loss of organ function, and broken legs.

If the cyclist was struck by one or more motor vehicles, they may experience lifelong disability or even death.

How the New York Comparative Fault Law Could Affect a Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit

New York happens to be one of 13 states to enforce the comparative fault law. This law assigns a percentage of fault to each party involved in a motor vehicle accident. The amount of compensation you receive from your bicycle accident will be reduced based on your percentage of fault.

If you’ve sustained injuries as a result of a bicycle accident in New York, it’s in your best interest to speak with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer before answering any questions from the insurance company, regardless of how harmless they may seem.

If You’re Responsible for a Percentage of the Accident

In bicycle accident cases, especially those in which someone sustained a serious injury, the state of New York will determine who was at fault for the accident and what percentage of fault they shared.

Either person, whether it be the cyclist involved in a car accident or a driver who injured a cyclist, has the opportunity to make a claim against the other.

In fact, there will be some shared liability most of the time.

The medical costs for injured cyclists can be significant, especially when a negligent driver is involved. When a car drives into the bike lane, causing an accident with a bicyclist, there is likely to be a severely injured person. For the purpose of medical bills alone, in any motor vehicle crash, having a personal injury lawyer will benefit you greatly.

Our firm can send an experienced bicycle accidents lawyer to meet with you if you’re in the hospital or unable to travel for medical reasons. Our firm offers an initial free consultation, so even if you believe you may be at fault, you don’t have anything but time to lose by speaking with one of our bike accident lawyers.

If you are unsure if you hold a percentage of responsibility when involved in an accident, you should still seek advice from an experienced attorney. Our New York bicycle accident lawyers can guide you through the complexities of your case.

New York Bicycle Accident Attorney

Call an Experienced New York Bicycle Accident Attorney at Bailey, Johnson & Peck

If you are located near Suffolk County or Nassau County and you’ve suffered debilitating injuries from a bicycle accident, call the team of personal injury attorneys at Bailey, Johnson, & Peck. Through a free legal consultation, we will discuss the events of the bicycle accident and help to recover compensation for you and your loved ones. If you need a passionate personal injury lawyer to take on the stress of your bicycle accident case so that you can heal, our attorneys are well prepared to take on the complexities of your bike accident claim. Call a New York bicycle accident attorney at 518-456-0082 today.

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