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What If I Don’t Have a Health Care Proxy?

If you’re like most people, you’ve been thinking a lot lately about medical emergencies, about what would happen if you were suddenly hospitalized. There is no way to prepare emotionally for something like that, but there is a way to prepare legally: designate a Health Care Proxy to make medical

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Health care proxies – An overview

Due to age, illness or injury, people may suffer conditions that leave them physically or mentally incapacitated. Having an estate plan that includes advance directives gives voice to the wishes of those who find themselves unable to make decisions or speak for themselves.  Among other advance directive documents, people may

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Immunity From Suit

Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order which grants immunity to almost all health care professionals who are providing medical care during the current COVID-19 crises.  The Executive Order is broad.  It appears to offer immunity from suit even in cases where the medical treatment is for something other than

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Traffic Fines

Local courts have a great deal of discretion when they set fines.  Many traffic infractions carry a fine of from zero dollars to as much as 200 dollars.  Be prepared to explain to a judge why he/she should set a minimum fine.

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What damages may you claim under no-fault auto insurance?

The Department of Financial Services of New York explains that automobile owners in the state must maintain certain minimum insurance coverages, including no-fault, or personal injury protection, insurance. For parties injured in an auto accident, this coverage provides prescribed benefits while limiting certain damages claims.  No-fault insurance compensates parties for economic

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