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Can a Car Accident Cause a Miscarriage
Car Accidents

Can a Car Accident Cause a Miscarriage?

Pregnant women are naturally much more vulnerable to a variety of dangers and health problems compared to non-pregnant women. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, deli meat, and even riding in the car can pose major threats to both mother and baby. After reading this brief list of things to avoid during pregnancy,

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is uber safe
Car Accidents

Is Uber Safe?

Uber is a staple for getting around a new city while traveling or having a responsible night out on the town. Uber and Lyft are professional car services that are often seen as safer and cleaner than public transportation. This may be a reliable, premium transportation service. But is Uber

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seat belt syndrome
Car Accidents

Seat Belt Syndrome

Seat belts made their way into American cars in the 1950s. For a short period of time, people actually believed that seatbelts were causing more injuries–after all, more and more people were ending up in the hospital after car accidents. What people soon realized was that while there were more

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Why Do I Have Headache After Car Accident
Car Accidents

Why Do I Have a Headache After a Car Accident?

Some of the most common issues that people experience after car accidents are neck pain and headache pain. These aches and pains can be the result of mild traumatic brain injuries or severe traumatic brain injuries. That’s why you can’t just ignore headaches after car accidents and hope they will

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Dash Cam Footage
Car Accidents

Dash Cam Footage and Car Accidents

Thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technology, many vehicles now have dash cameras, which can be incredibly helpful in capturing the events leading up to a car accident. Not only that, dash cam footage can help assign appropriate blame in car accidents and other crimes as well. Before you

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