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Is Lane Splitting Legal in New York?

As many people know, it’s far more dangerous to drive a motorcycle than an enclosed vehicle. This is true for more than a few reasons. For starters, they have much less protection surrounding them in the event of a motorcycle accident. The chances of suffering serious or catastrophic injuries in

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Why you should not apologize after a car accident

It is normal to feel dismayed and regretful after you get in a car accident. Even if the circumstance was not solely your fault, you may feel the urge to apologize to the people involved. While a simple “sorry” may seem like the best thing you can offer at the

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4 common types of driver negligence

When you get in your car to go somewhere, you try to follow the rules of the road and drive safely to prevent accidents. But other people are not so careful, and serious accidents that cause injury and death happen frequently. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

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What is whiplash?

One of the more common injuries associated with car accidents is whiplash. It is possible for whiplash to be a minor injury, and it is also possible for whiplash to be life-altering. Understanding the symptoms and causes of whiplash is paramount if you are experiencing pain after an automobile accident.

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What will influence spinal cord injury improvement?

An accident can cause permanently disabling injuries. Spinal cord injuries are an example many people are familiar with. You probably associate an SCI with permanent paralysis that does not improve. However, some SCI patients actually do recover some of their lost motor function and feeling in their bodies. The degree

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Catastrophic injuries cause noneconomic damages

After an accident, calculating the losses can be a complex process, and it may be a mistake to assume the insurance company has offered a settlement amount that is full and fair. The economic damages involve current and future medical expenses, which can become complicated to figure, as can lost earning

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The causes and costs of SCIs

The nervous system is a complicated control center for a person’s motion and sensation, so anything that affects it may have widespread implications. A spinal cord injury is often the result of traumatic impacts and they lay a heavy cost both financial and physical on whoever suffers one. Given the

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The dangers of distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of serious auto accidents in New York and throughout the U.S. According to 2020 data from the state Governor’s Traffic Safety Commission, the average number of crashes causing serious injury or death because of device use behind the wheel has been steadily increasing for

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Teenagers and distracted driving

Distracted driving causes individuals of all ages to get into accidents. However, the risk is highest for teenage drivers, as they lack the experience behind the wheel. Teenagers are the causes and victims of more crashes than any other age group. There are various strategies that states and parents can

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