How to Prevent Road Rage

How many angry drivers do you know? When you drive while stressed or upset, you have a higher likelihood of experiencing road rage. Road rage is not a new phenomenon. According to CNN, angry drivers are likelier to tailgate, speed, and switch lanes recklessly. You can prevent it, however. So, what can you do, as a driver to prevent being a victim of road rage? Here’s how to prevent road rage.

How to Prevent Road Rage Attacks

Don’t drive while stressed

Try to control your stress before you sit behind the wheel. Make sure that you have plenty of sleep before driving and prepare for your trips in advance. If you work early, make sure that you plan the night before not to have to rush. When under emotional distress, stay off the road. 

Stay as calm as possible

When stressed, staying calm may feel like torture. Do not take another driver’s actions personally. If a driver cuts you off, do not assume he or she did so intentionally. When you let things go, you are less likely to escalate the situation. 

Do not react

If an aggressive driver tries to engage with you, do not react. Do not gesture or yell, even if you think he or she has the wrong idea. If you made a mistake, offer a polite wave but do not meet or speak with them. Try to remain at a normal speed, and do not stop your vehicle unless you have to. Pay attention to your driving. 

If necessary, you can make an emergency call, but only do so if you have emergency calls preset. 

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