What Does Alcohol Do to Your Driving Skills and Judgement

Alcohol has a definite impact on a person’s driving ability, and the more someone drinks, the more their ability diminishes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains the effects of alcohol on driving by the number of drinks consumed. So, what does alcohol do to your driving skills and judgement?

Alcohol Affects a Driver By

Here’s how alcohol affects your driving skills and judgement.

Two drinks

Two drinks is what most people describe as feeling “buzzed”. Along with feelings of warmth and relaxation, you may also experience slightly impaired judgment. Your ability to multitask, meaning perform two actions simultaneously, will also be affected.

Three drinks

By three drinks, your sense of alertness is significantly lowered. This impacts your ability to recognize a road hazard and take the proper actions to avoid it. Tracking of moving objects, including vehicles, is diminished due to impairment of small muscle control. You may also have problems steering the vehicle effectively, which leads to weaving and lane jumping.

Four drinks

Impairment impacts many other bodily function once you have consumed four alcoholic beverages. Reasoning, short-term memory, and concentration are all impacted. You may find your mind wandering or be unable to focus your attention on the road. You may also notice your vision and hearing are diminished. For most people, four drinks increases their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to the legal limit of .08%.

Five drinks

Lane control, steering, braking, and other operational tasks are all highly diminished at this point. Consuming five alcoholic beverages affects coordination, as well as slowing down your reaction time. Cognition is also significantly slowed. When combined, these effects greatly increases a person’s risk of causing an accident.

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