Parking Lot Accidents in New York

Parking Lot Accidents new york

Automobile crashes do not only happen on highways and neighborhood streets. An irresponsible motorist might collide with you as you try to exit a parking lot. You may wonder what you should do since the accident did not happen on a public road.

Many of the actions you should take after a parking lot collision are no different than what you would perform if a driver hit you on a street. U.S. News and World Report offer some information on how to handle a parking lot crash. The most important step is to contact our Albany car accident attorneys for qualified legal representation.

Check for injuries

Parking lot collisions can produce serious injuries just like car wrecks on a public road, so you should check yourself for injuries if you are still conscious. If you are able to, see if your passengers or if anyone from the other vehicle shows signs of serious injury. You may need to call for emergency medical assistance.

Collect information

If the other motorist is cooperative, you may gather information from him or her, including the driver’s name, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number and insurance information. You can also use your smartphone to snap pictures of the other car and the accident scene. You want all the information you can gather in case the other driver tries to claim you were at fault.

Contact the police

Calling the police may be important even if you or no one else claims injury. A police officer will write up a report that may confirm your account of the accident, especially if the officer interviews witnesses who are present. Keep in mind that the police might not show up if the accident is too minor. You may still go to your local police station or see about filing an online report.

Contact your insurer

You might also have to contact your insurance company about your accident. Your policy might obligate you to report any accident you experience. Additionally, you might want to claim coverage under your uninsured motorist policy if the other driver lacks coverage or had fled the scene.

Given that parking lot accidents can inflict serious injury like any other accident, taking the right steps may be crucial to help you receive compensation for medical treatment and other damages.


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