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Poor lighting in hotels may lead to serious falls

The heavy flow of guests into New York hotels makes it critical that hotel owners make their establishments as safe as possible. Sometimes it does not take much more than installing the proper lighting inside a hotel and outside in parking lots and walkways to prevent someone from falling down.

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Who is liable for the injuries caused by a dangerous dog?

New York State laws hold owners of dangerous dogs liable for any harm or damage caused by their pets, including bites, attacks and knockdowns. To classify a dog as “dangerous,” however, requires an owner’s prior knowledge of his or her canine’s tendency to cause injury.  If an unprovoked dog previously

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Pedestrians can help protect themselves from an accident

As New York pedestrians and motorists cross paths, pedestrians cannot rely on drivers to avoid a crash. Walkers and individuals in wheelchairs are pedestrians under state law, and they must follow rules and practices designed for safety. Pedestrians must follow traffic rules The state lays out rules that help pedestrians

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How serious is drunk driving in New York?

Over the past several decades, advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and legislators have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.  Unfortunately, many residents in New York still refuse to put away their keys when they make the choice

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What is a simple will?

If the idea of crafting a will seems extremely daunting, you are not alone. Many people hesitate to start the estate planning process, because it seems like it will be a big, complicated affair. However, this is not necessarily the case, and in certain circumstances having as simple of a

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Why new parents need an estate plan

As new parents, you and your spouse have plenty of things to think about. Estate planning likely is not one of them, but it should be. Why? Because regardless of your age or the amount of wealth you possess, good parenting requires you to provide for your new child.  The

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Dog bites may lead to life-threatening infections

Dog owners have a duty to contain and control their pets and keep them from harming others. When they fail to do so and the animal bites you, the repercussions may prove tragic. In some cases, dog bites may lead to a condition known as Capnocytophaga, which is a serious

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What is the pedestrian duty of care?

Car accidents between pedestrians and motor vehicles are always traumatic and can sometimes be deadly. When they occur, there is often a lot of finger-pointing regarding who is at fault.  Both the driver of an automobile and a pedestrian have “duty of care” when they are out. According to Findlaw, the

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How do courts determine when premises liability occurs?

When New Yorkers experience an injury on someone else’s property, they may claim that property owners are liable for their injury. Premises liability examples include elevator accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, among others. The New York State Bar Association states that property owners must use reasonable care to keep properties safe

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What should you prepare for your executor?

Estate planning takes many steps to be sure that things go smoothly in the future. It is crucial to do this carefully so that all of your intentions are properly fulfilled. According to Kiplinger, here are some things that you can do to prepare your affairs for your executor. Get

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Should you look for a business successor already?

New York business owners have a lot of dedication to their work. After all, they built their business from the ground up. With the time and effort you put into crafting your business, you deserve to see it flourish for a long time to come.  One of the most important

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